Sample Tax Audit Letters and Notices

The IRS and state taxing agencies send out hundreds of different types of notice letters, and most of the time it takes the help of a professional to fully understand and correctly respond to them. Below are some examples of tax audit letters we have handled for our members. Personal information from these audit notices has been redacted to protect our members’ privacy.

When you have a TaxAudit membership, there is no need to panic if you receive an audit letter. We handle thousands of IRS audit letters and state tax audit notices for our members every year and defend them to the highest level of appeals. If you received an audit letter and do not have a covered membership, we can still help!

IRS Letters

Notice Type Audit Notice Issues
12C Need More Information
Form 8586 is Incomplete or Missing
Support Line 1d, Form 3800
180C Consolidate All Information
239C Victim of Identity Theft
342C Explain the Amounts and Reasons for:
Credits Changed
474C Disallowed the Education Credit
531T Notice of Deficiency
(Additional Information Needed)
Sample 1
Schedule E
Passive Activity Loss Limited
Sample 2
Meals & Entertainment
Legal & Prof
Other Expenses
Sample 3
Schedule A - Itemized Deduction
Medical & Dental Expense
Tax Credits
Child Care Credit
Sample 4
Schedule A - Itemized Deduction
Medical & Dental Expense
Unreimbursed Employee Expense
Other Miscellaneous Deductions
Sample 5
Gifts to Charity
692 Changed the Amount of Proposed Tax Increase
797 Possible Federal Tax Refund Due to the Earned Income Credit (EIC)
(Selected for Examination)
Sample 1
Schedule C1 - Rent/Lease - Other Business Property
Schedule C1 - Depreciation and Sec. 179 Expenses
Schedule C1 - Car and Truck Expenses
Sample 2
Schedule E1 - Real Estate Loss After Passive Limitation
Unreimbursed Employee Expenses
Non-Cash Contributions
2202B Correspondence Examination
All Line Items Claimed on the Return
(Selected for Examination)
Sample 1
Schedule C1 - Gross Receipts or Sales
Schedule C1 - Depreciation and Sec. 179 Expense
Home Mortgage Interest and Points from Form 1098
Schedule C - Other Expenses
Sample 2
Schedule E1 - Expenses
Schedule C1 - Expenses
Schedule C1 - Gross Receipt of Sales
Sample 3
Schedule C - Contract labor
Schedule C - Insurance
Schedule C - Car and Truck Expenses
Sample 4
Schedule C - Gross Receipts
Schedule C - Car & Truck Expense
Schedule C - Interest Expense
Schedule C - Office Meeting/Cat.
Schedule C - Floral/Gifts
Schedule A - Real Estate Taxes
Sample 5
Home Mortgage Interest
Non-Cash Contributions
Schedule C1 - Gross Receipt of Sales
Sample 6
Schedule C - Other Expenses
Schedule C1 - Travel
Schedule C1 - Car and Truck Expenses
Schedule C1 - Gross Receipts or Sales
Sample 7
Schedule E1 - Rents Received
Schedule C1 - Depreciation and Sec.179 Expense
Schedule C1 - Gross Receipts or Sales
Sample 8
Other Gross Receipts or Sales
Sample 9
Home Mortgage Interest and Points from Form 1098
Schedule C1 - Car and Truck Expenses
Schedule C1 - Gross Receipts or Sales
Sample 10
Schedule C1 - Office Expenses
Schedule C1 - Hobby Loss
Home mortgage Interest
Sample 11
Schedule A - All Employee Business Expenses
Schedule A - All Miscellaneous Expenses
Schedule C - Gross Profit
Schedule C - Depreciation
Schedule F - Sales
Schedule F - All Expenses
(Random Compliance
Research Examination)
Sample 1 Sample 2
2272C Can’t Consider Request for an Installment Agreement
2604C Tentatively Approved Installment Agreement
2626C Unable to Make Changes to Proposal
2645C Received Items and Haven't Completed all the Processing
3253 Confirms Appointment
3541A Support Documentation Needed
Alimony Deduction
(Selected for Examination)
Sample 1
Schedule A - Employee Business Expenses
Entertainment, Meals, Gifts and Other Expenses
Travel. Lodging and Other Expenses
Business Use of Home
Education Expenses
Advertising Expenses
Legal and Professional Expense
Schedule D - Sale of Real and Personal Property
Sample 2
Schedule Cl - Car & Truck Expenses/Travel
Schedule C2 - Other Expenses - Vendor fees
Schedule A - Contributions/Unreimbursed Employee
Sample 3
Other Expenses Subject to 2% AGI Limitation
Schedule C1 - Interest - Mortgage
Home Mortgage Interest and Points from Form 1098
Medical and Dental
Sample 4
Schedule A- Employee Business Expenses
Schedule C1 - Meals, and Entertainment, Travel
Schedule Cl - Car and Truck Expenses, Utilities
Sample 5
Schedule D - Capital Gains and Losses (Long-term)
Sample 6
Moving Expenses
3573 Confirm Appointment
4364C Made Corrections to Amended Return
4464C Conducting Return Review
4870 An Electronic Funds Withdrawal Payment Couldn’t be Processed
CP75A Tax Return under Audit
Earned Income Credit
Filing Status
CP134B FTD/Estimated Payments Discrepancy Notice - Balance Due
CP215 Charged a Penalty
Failure to Timely Provide Complete Information on Form 5472.
CP518 Tax Return is Overdue
(Proposed Changes
to Tax Return)
Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4 Sample 5 Sample 6 Sample 7
(Tax Return Doesn’t
Match the Information
the IRS has on File)
Sample 1
Retirement Income Gross
Retirement Income Taxable
Student Loan Interest Deduction
Tax Withheld
Sample 2
Partnership/Trust/Small Business
Student Loan Interest Deduction
CP3219A Increase in Tax and Notice of Right to Challenge

State Notices

State Letter Type / Notice Issues
Alabama Information Needed
Schedule A
Arizona Tax Correction
Arkansas Information Needed
Federal Form Schedule C
California FTB 1521
Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
Colorado TPI - MA
Adjusted Return
Connecticut R824
Connecticut Earned Income Tax Credit (CT EITC)
District of Columbia Standard Letter 21 - Tax Compliance Program
Medical Expenses
Charitable Contributions
Job Expenses and Miscellaneous Deductions
Delaware Information Needed
Federal Form 2106
Georgia rL076 - Schedule A Proof
Medical and Dental Expenses
Personal Property Taxes
Home Mortgage Interest
Hawaii ITPS-33
Standard Deductions
Idaho 042a - Adjustments
Community Income
Moving Expenses
Illinois IDOR-1-RCN
Schedule NR Wages Changed
Indiana Important Taxpayer Notification
Iowa A204
Individual Income Adjustments
IA 126 “Iowa Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Credit”
Itemized Deductions
Kentucky Adjustment Letter
Itemized Deductions
LouisianaNotice of Adjustment
Credit Carried Forward
Maine N0003511
Other Deductions
New Operating Loss (NOL)
MassachusettsIntent to Assess
Selected for Verification
Michigan Proposed Tax Due
Minnesota Refund Held - Additional Information Needed
W2s, Wage, and Tax Statement
Business Income Claimed
Business Expenses
Dates of Minnesota Residence
Mississippi Return Review
Mississippi Form 80-108 ”Adjustments and Contributions”
Missouri Notice of Proposed Changes
Montana Field Audit Appointment
2106 Business Expenses
Nebraska Review - Itemized Deductions
New Hampshire Received Information from the IRS
NH Interest & Dividend (I&D) Tax
New Jersey Information Needed
New Jersey Earned Income Tax Credit (NJEITC)
New Mexico Additional Information
Income Source Documents
Federal 1049 /1040NR
Unreimbursed Medical Expenses
New York DTF-973 - More Information
Business Income or Loss
Itemized Deductions
DTF-966-E - Demand for Payment of Tax Due
North Carolina Accuracy of Return Examination
State and Federal Tax Returns
Social Security Card
All Books and Records
Additional Documentation is Required
Request for Information
Tax Withheld
Filing Status
Tax Credits Claimed
North DakotaRequest for Information
Business Expenses
Ohio Support the Return as Filed
Employer issued 2013 W-2(s)
Federal Income Tax Return
Supporting Documentation
Oklahoma rL030
Adjusted Source Income
Oregon 150-800-159(3-04) - Additional Information Needed
Federal Return and all Schedules
Pennsylvania Notice of Assessment
Underpaying Tax Due
Rhode Island Notice of Deficiency
Income Not Reported
South Carolina Examination
Verification Needed for Items
Tennessee Hall Income Tax
Utah Notice of Change to Return
Errors and Missing Documentation
Vermont Notices of Changes
Virginia AUIN064M - Review of Tax Return
W2s and Paycheck Stubs
West Virginia rt1064 v. 11 - Return Change
Senior Property Tax Deferment
WisconsinNotice of Amount Due
Deductions and Credit Adjustments